Company Overview


Scade has developed a patented robust image acquisition and processing algorithm that is implemented within a unique scanner to create a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool for skin cancer. The device detects and enhances minor deformations within the dermis and epidermis. The device is intended to support and assist dermatologists in diagnosing skin cancer at its early stages, in particular malignant melanoma (MM).


The company's technology is based on differential optical spectro-polarimetric imaging. The image is acquired under well-defined parameters and conditions, thus enabling subsequent processing and presentation of the degree of deformation within the examined tissue. This level of distortion is otherwise inaccessible to dermatologists. The device makes use of the spectral part solely to enable deformation calculation in different skin layers. It does not look for the spectral signature of the suspected lesion. Therefore, lesions that do not exhibit odd or suspected pigmentation can also be detected by the technology. This constitutes a prominent advantage over existing technologies and opens new possibilities for lesion nature detection and nevi type classification. The technology also facilitates accurate detection of lesion margins, thus avoiding unnecessary repeated excision procedures, scarring and skin implants.


Scade initially focuses on the clinical indication for the early detection of malignant melanoma. Treatment effectiveness and survival rate for this life-threatening disease depend on early detection. The market for skin lesion inspection is huge and is marked by a high procedure volume. At a second stage, Scade will address a second clinical indication of margin identification during lesion excision. At a third stage, Scade will expand its first clinical indication to encompass non-melanoma skin cancers (BCC and SCC). Finally, Scade will launch the first regulatory approved home diagnostic device, which will promote self-examination and early treatment of skin cancer.


Company Mission


Scade Medical’s mission is to promote early detection of skin cancer, reduce mortality related to late detection of skin cancer and provide evidence-based tools for accurate lesion margin excision.




Management Team


Gabriel Mizrachi –Founder & CEO


A professional executive manager/entrepreneur with 20 years of international technological and business experience. Gabi's academic background is Economics & Management, Financial assets management. Gabi is  an authorized business consultant of the Israeli Ministry of Finance – Small & Medium Enterprises agency  . Gabi's experience includes key executive roles in early-stage companies and multinational corporations, with broad experience in private, public and governmental organizations, Israeli and international.




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