Our breakthrough


can detect


BEFORE it is visible


Detection mistakes can kill

Skin Cancer is the most common cancer globally

24 million advanced diagnostics


5 million excisions


In the US alone, each year:


new lethal skin cancer cases

Early detection is the key factor

*American Academy of Dermatology (5 year survival rates data)

Early detection Melanoma survival rates are 98%

Dropping down to 15% if NOT detected in time

We have developed a revolutionary device*


Early detection of skin-cancer just became a matter of point & click. An optic device that could be used professionally as well as at home to provide real-time valuable scanning for early skin-cancer detection


*NOTE: Scade-Medical solutions are not yet cleared for clinical use until FDA approval is obtained

Decision Supporting Dermatoscope*


MelAssure and MoleMark are diagnostic tools designed for use by dermatologists in clinics and operating rooms (OR) providing real-time information, which until now has been beyond the reach of doctors.

Compared with other companies trying to detect primarily  color changes, Scade-Medical breakthrough technology is capable to follow  the underlying skin distortions beyond the visual range. Since skin distortions precede  pigmentation changes our solution can dramatically increase the likelihood of life-saving early detection of skin-cancer.


*NOTE: MelAssure and MoleMark are not cleared for clinical use until FDA approval is obtained

Immediate Results


Our solutions are designed to help detect and define skin cancer at its early stage, even when no visual indication exists, thus dramatically increasing detection rates, decreasing mortality, helping avoid recurring excisions and with lower false-positives - decreasing unnecessary scarring.


Scientifically Proven


Achieved 100% accuracy in a recent clinical study, successfully marking as ‘Suspicious’ all cancerous lesions also defined as such by the pathologist, and nearly 92% identification success rate for lesions suspected of malignant melanoma (comparing to 1%-6% with other detection techniques)


Internal preliminary clinical studies, conducted in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, proved exceptionally high (over 90%)  correlations between device and histology results in over 70 skin lesions.




Multi-region patents filed, PCT/IB2012/050444 ("OPTICAL POLARIMETRIC IMAGING"), already approved in Australia & New-Zealand

We help to protect our way of life

The non-lethal skin cancer takes about 3,000,000 people worldwide by surprise each year


Scade Medical is a group of scientists that made it their vision to provide a gold standard in early skin-cancer detection


help saving lives

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